Angel Heart for the stage requires significant investment for each performance, and we are seeking funding from patrons of the arts and donors and well as organizations dedicated to arts education. Through current application for our own 501(c)(3), we are working to attract funding that will sustain our commitment to bringing this project to life over many years and to many different audiences and in several languages both within the US and abroad. If you would like to hear more about how you can make a tax-deductible donation or if you would like to sponsor a performance in your community, please contact us.

From co-creator Lisa Delan on the importance of keeping the arts alive in the lives of children everywhere.

There is a window that opens when we sing. When we become lost in a story, or in a song. When we hear the voices of many strings dancing and realize our feet are moving of their own accord to join the dance. For those of us raised with music, in our homes and regularly in the classroom, this window opens with ease; we have been given the tools to raise it effortlessly. We are taken outside the constraints of linear thought, our imaginations untethered. We experience the spark of creativity and are reminded that we are more than we seem. Our cerebral cortex is making connections that we are not consciously aware of, but which inform our perceptions, reasoning, comprehension and problem solving. And when that experience is shared – whether reverently with strangers as we listen from the audience or raucously with our families as we drive down the freeway singing to the wind – we are connecting to others on a visceral level.

But what of the majority of children today who are never met by music in their classrooms? Whose parents were not introduced to music as part of their early education and are statistically much less likely to share music with their children than the generations that preceded them? We drive our children towards academic achievement that they may become extraordinary, but they are mired in the ordinary. They breathe recycled air while surrounded by windows that they cannot open. This is reflected in the life of the world around them – it is not hard to see that as a culture we are suffocating. We value sound bites and expediency, and are forgetting how to listen.

With Angel Heart, we remind families of what it means to listen and take in stories as a shared experience, whether as a bedtime story or as audience members at a live performance. And we remind ourselves that listening to storytelling through music is an important part of growing up to become fully-developed people. We can all open the window..... and listen.

–Lisa Delan

Angel Heart, a music storybook....